1. Definition and Goal

Acces Libre stands for Accessories Library.

In Second Life, as a stylist, when creating a look, we often have a hard
time finding accessories to complete an outfit. One of the reasons is
there are not many brands specializing in accessories. A bag, by instance, is often an
addition to a clothing or jewelry collection.

The goal of Acces Libre is to present a library of various accessories
available in Second Life to help each blogger, stylist, fashionistas to find
the right finishing touch. Please note that Acces Libre is strictly limited to
accessories which can be found in Second Life.

2. Categories

There are tons of different accessories but Acces Libre will limit on
purpose its subject to five main categories.

• Bags
• Belts
• Scarves
• Hats and Head accessories
• Glasses / Sunglasses

Accessories like jewels or shoes won’t be covered by Acces Libre as there
are much more of them. We have the feeling they would flood the blog
and empty it of its main goal which is providing an easy way to find some

We would like to develop a fun, easy to navigate and yet practical blog for everyone where you will be able to search in the library for that final touch for your look. Don’t expect much writings, we will make as our moto that a good picture is worth a thousand words. The library will grow little by little with each post, covering as much different styles as possible, categorized like this:

  • Casual
  • Luxury
  • Ethnic
  • Cute / Girly
  • Military
  • Role-play
  • Fancy

Hoping you will enjoy our new baby, regards,

Maylee Oh and Tanaquil Beaumont


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